10 Tips For Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatments

Gum Disease Cure

Gum disease receding gums is mainly caused by dental plaque in which bacteria are present. These bacteria cause and continue to cause inflammation. Curing or repairing bleeding, painful or receding gums is therefore mainly aimed at the “mechanical” removal of plaque and tartar. At the same time, the tissue will be refurbished earlier when it is provided with recovery agents with, for example, folic acid. Heal or find the best gum disease receding gums treatments? Then read the 10 tips below. 


Tip 1: Use Good Antibacterial Rinse Aid 

Coils against a gum infection may be the best way to fight bacteria and heal the inflamed tissue. But be careful. Oral waters with ingredients like chlorhexidine, triclosan, peroxide, sodium lauryl sulfate and alcohol have an antibacterial effect but are very aggressive.


The use of this is often accompanied by annoying side effects such as bad breath, dental discoloration, evenings and a burning sensation in the mouth. Therefore, opt for less commercial (non-acidic) mouthwashes. Rinse agents with ‘active oxygen,’ folic acid, Aloe Vera and zinc lactate are both dental and effective. 

For a complete top 10 overview of the best remedies for gum disease receding gums.


Tip 2: Floss With Silk Thread


An important part in curing an inflammation is flossing. Do not skip the swollen area. Each healthy tooth is called a 1-3 mm deep slit between the gums and teeth. In this edge (also known as sulcus) bacteria accumulate which exacerbate and continue the swelling. Only with good floss can you completely remove these bacteria. Flosses are not very popular because of (old-fashioned) floss wires hard to coordinate without cutting gums. Therefore, use a floss bow with curve and silk thread. Can Receding Gums Regrow?


Tip 3: Note your diet

The consumption limit of sugars and soft drinks can reduce dental plaque and prevent receding gums. Bacteria break down the sugars, releasing acids that damage the glaze and irritate the gum. Sugars can also make the glaze porous. Due to the ribbon structure of the tooth, colorants, caffeine, and nicotine can easily settle on the teeth.

Tip 4: Remove Visible Tartar


It is mainly the bacteria between the toothbrush crystals that cause inflamed and receding gums. The toothbrush is located on the inside of the cut teeth (near the salivary glands) and between the rear teeth. Many people remove the starting tartar itself with a consumer hook.  Receding Gums Alternative Remedies



Tip 5:

Gum Disease Receding Gums Treatments Naturally


Pour toothpaste for 2 minutes and a soft toothbrush can restore the gums faster. Like Naturessmile also have toothpaste care properties. The big difference with other toothpaste is that NS gum balm works based on active ingredient that is increasingly used in receding gums treatments because of its strong cleaning power and body-friendly process. After brushing, Naturessmile gum balm can be applied to the gums. Allow it to work for a few minutes so that the natural ingredients are able to restore the gums. Check out the products here.

Tip 6: Adjust Your Lifestyle

A gum infection, also called gingivitis or periodontitis, is mainly due to “bad” habits such as smoking, excessive sugar intake or stress. In particular, smokers have 5 times more risk of receding gums than non-smokers. By adjusting your lifestyle in different ways, inflammation of the gums will heal or regrow faster. 


Tip 7: Massage The Gums


The massaging gums may sound crazy, but it does influence an accelerated healing of receding gums and gingivitis. Massage gums with a special “gum massager” ensure that white blood cells can better reach the inflamed tissue. White blood cells contain healing and anti-receding properties. 


Tip 8: Scrape Tongue Bacteria Away


Tooth decay bacteria can also be found on your tongue. In the fight against irritated gums, tongue scraps are therefore an important part. Additionally, tongue plaque is one of the most common causes of bad breath. The superficial of the tongue is covered with taste buds and hairs between which bacteria can easily hide. 

Tip 9: Neutralize The PH Value In The Mouth.

Bacteria are most harmful in a low pH oral cavity or high acidity. In an acidic environment, these microorganisms attack the gums and create a smelly mouth odor at the same time. By using a mouth rinse aid with sodium bicarbonate, the level of acidity will decrease, which will improve the quality of the respiratory system and bacteria cannot affect the gums. 


Tip 10: Visit A Dentist

Have you used the correct oral care techniques and did not the inflammation appear after two weeks? Or do you doubt your health? Then consult the dentist. The dentist checks the condition of the gum and removes tartar as needed. In the case of inflammation in which the gums are retracted, the doctor will perform a number of actions including:

  1. Make a bacterial culture
  2. Measure how fast the gums bleed
  3. Measure how deep the pockets are. Pockets deeper than 3 mm indicate an inflammation (periodontitis)
  4. The amount of plaque that is contained in the pocket
  5. Make x-rays to see if the jawbone is affected
  6. Prescribe antibiotics or a cleanser with chlorhexidine

In the extreme case, periodontitis can opt for a flap operation, whereby the gums are loosened so that the pockets can be cleaned better. After receding gums treatment, your doctor will advise you to monitor better oral hygiene. For the best oral hygiene tips, please refer to this article.

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