Recipe: Okonomiyaki


Otters, Mull November 2017
Source: Flickr


300 g flour
210 ml water
2 eggs
Possible ingredients to put into/onto Okonomiyaki
Katsuobushi*: Dried, shaved benito (katsuo)

Aonori*: Green, dried seaweed.

Leek or green onion
Beef: thinly sliced or ground
Pork: thinly sliced or ground
Chicken: breast filets
and much more…
Brown okonomiyaki sauce*


Cut four large, green cabbage leaves without the hard, white core in thin strings (ca. 4 mm).

Mix the water, flour, eggs and the cabbage strings together.
You may now add more ingredients to the dough: e.g. seafood, cut in little pieces, ground meat, cut mushrooms, etc.
Fry the dough like a pancake in a small frying pan.

Before turning the okonomiyaki over, and while the dough is still quite soft, you may put other ingredients on top of the dough.

Turn the okonomiyaki.
When fried well, serve the okonomiyaki with katsuobushi, aonori, mayonnaise and okonomiyaki sauce.

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